Keep Money Market Funds Working for the Economy and All Americans

For almost 40 years, money market mutual funds have proven to be a steady, predictable mainstay of the financial marketplace and a key component of the American economy. Households, businesses, nonprofit institutions, and state and local governments rely on money market funds for stability, convenience, a high degree of liquidity, and a historically higher yield than competing products. Little wonder that Americans have entrusted more than $2.5 trillion to these funds.

New federal proposals, however, threaten to fundamentally undermine the convenience and simplicity of money market funds. If adopted, these proposals would burden investors with new tax, accounting, and legal hurdles-potentially driving millions of investors out of money market funds. The consequences would damage financing for all sectors of the U.S. economy, from individuals and households to businesses, nonprofit institutions, and state and local governments.

Fortunately, many Americans, and organizations representing investors and issuers in the money market, recognize that the fundamental characteristics of money market funds must be preserved. This website brings together information from organizations in the private and public sectors that are working together to educate and inform policymakers on the value of money market funds and the importance of maintaining their key characteristics. This effort is led by the Investment Company Institute, the national trade association for mutual funds and other registered investment companies.

Through outreach, advocacy, and education, we are spreading the word on the value of money market funds and the prospects for regulatory actions that could undermine these funds, damage the economy-and very well increase risks to the American financial system.

We invite you or your organization to join us in our efforts.